Arctic Ice Reliquary

Perhaps the most dramatic "canary" that we are seeing in the world right now is the loss of Arctic Summer Ice.  The Arctic is the region of the world where temperatures have increase the most.  We could lose all summer ice in the Arctic within the next decade.  This has affected weather patterns all over the world, as the "weather maker" is the difference in temperature between the tropics and the Arctic.  The native peoples of the Arctic have had their lives profoundly changed by warming summers and warmer winters.  The loss of the ice also is a forcing of climate change, as ice reflects heat back into space, and dark ocean waters absorb heat.  We are also seeing melting of the permafrost in the High Arctic, releasing vast stores of previously sequestered carbon to decomposition.  If this happens under water, the byproduct of decomposition released is methane, a greenhouse gas twenty to one hundred times more potent than carbon dioxide.

The Arctic Ice Reliquary is a memorial to the summer  ice that will be soon gone, and of course threatening the survival of polar bears, who hunt from the ice that is disappearing.  They are having to now swim long distances.  The Arctic Ice Reliquary is Sitka Spruce, an Alaskan wood, anodized aluminum, glass, and carved and painted wood (by Casey Gleason).