Forest Fires

In the United States, the season for forest fires used to be in the late summer and fall. Today, we are seeing forest fires year round, particularly in the Southwest and the West.  This has been due to the  historic drought that has gripped much of the country since the 1990's and shows no signs of abating.  We are seeing less winter snowcaps in the mountains, instead getting rain, when in comes, in the spring, and then nothing later, when melting snows would provide water through the summer.  We are seeing more and larger fires, such as the one that killed 19 firefighters  in Arizona.  Forest Fires are a "canary" for the heat and drought that has also been decimating agriculture.  Climate scientists do not expect these conditions to abate

Forest Fires is carved maple and anodized aluminum. The painting on the carved "mountain" is by Casey Gleason. The burned stumps at the base of the mountain represent large burned forests.  Forest Fires stand 4 1/2 feet tall.