All Handler Studio furniture is produced on a custom basis.  

My goal is to design furniture to suit the specific location in your home or business. I can get information about your site from photographs, blueprints, floorplans CAD views, or, best of all, from housecalls.

The design process often becomes a collaborative process between my clients and myself. When visiting a potential client’s home or office, the first part of the process is for me to look and listen, to make myself sensitive to their needs. Considerations for me become the aesthetics of the setting, the use of the room, the sense of design I observe in the home or office, and, most of all, the client’s wishes and feelings.

My options are to modify existing designs, which could entail abstracting a single element from an existing piece of furniture and using that as the starting point for something new. It could be changing a side table to a coffee table or dining table, or turning a living room chair into a sofa, or vice versa. The pieces shown in the portfolio section are not a catalog, they are history, they are the past, and often starting points for something new.

Sometimes, in designing for a particular client, I become inspired by what I see in a client’s home or office and what I hear in listening to my clients and design furniture I have never made before. In fact, many of the most exciting pieces I make are commissioned furniture.

My goal is to design and create residential and commercial furniture that portrays beauty, sometimes whimsy, that enhances the use and utility of a space, and that gives lasting joy to my clients.